Welcome to Yunnan University of Nationalities

Yunnan University of Nationalities (YUN) is a comprehensive institution of higher learning for all Chinese ethnic nationalities including the majority Hans.

SICAS Student A Handsome Boy From Zambia

This handsome boy came from Zambia. With the help of SICAS, he has been in Hangzhou for half a month. And now he is talking about his life in China.

SICAS Student Liz and Ann, Welcome to China

Two beautiful girls has been in China with the help of SICAS service team. Hope you all enjoy your life in China!

Introduction of Ocean University of China

Located in the Olympic sailing city of Qingdao, one of the most beautiful and vibrant coastal cities by the Yellow Sea, OUC has been, since its establishment in 1924, devoted to academic development and the training of talented personnel with high quality to meet the strategic needs of the country.

Welcome to Study in Dalian University of Technology

Welcome to Study in Dalian University of Technology

Welcome to Qindao College

Over the past decade, we have developed our proven instructional methods that thoroughly integrate classroom study with experiential workshop practice.

SICAS School Provides Dormitory For International Students

What a wonderful dormitory. SICAS School Provide Dormitory For International Students. During this period, they will have Chinese training and a lot of help with SICAS Members. Now SICAS members are helping international students check and stay in their dormitory. Let's have a look!

SICAS Student Tapiwa From Zimbabwe

Tapiwa, a boy from Zimbabwe, successfully studies in Shandong Jiaotong University with the help of SICAS. Congratulations! What do you think of SICAS, Tapiwa ?

SICAS Student Kendall, A Beautiful Girl

Kendall has been in China for a while. It seems that she really enjoy her life in China. Let's listen to her story.

SICAS Student Welcome to China, Shy Boy

He is a really cute shy boy.Let's listen to him about his daily life in China university.

SICAS Member Helps International Students Apply For SIM Card

SICAS Members help Internation Students apply for SIM card. Let's have a look.

SICAS Members Take Internation Students to Hospital

SICAS Members Take Internation Students to Hospital in Qingdao.

International Students Play Tennis in Campus

International students like playing tennis. It happens to be a tennis court in campus. So let's watch their performance.

SICAS Members Help Students Do Shopping for Clothes

SICAS member this time helps International students go shopping for clothes. Let's see what kind of clothes do they prefer.

New Students Ortientation Week

SICAS Service Team helps International Students learn Chinese.

SICAS Members Help Students Open Bank Cards

SICAS Service Team helps International Students get their Bank card in China. Let's see.